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Tetraminoes is a freely accesible and editable encyclopedia of falling block puzzle game (which we will refer to as "Tetris" for the sake of simplicity) knowledge.


"Imagine a place where all Tetris knowledge is available for free to anybody."

Tetraminoes purpose is to provide information in all aspects of Tetris.

Like everyone else, we were once beginners too. Eager to learn and become better at this game. However, information that was easily accesible, well organized, and relevant was few and far between.

Our knowledge and growth often relied on seeking advice in forums, Discord channels, or among friends. This is a problem, the current method of attaining knowledge doesn't do a good job of promoting growth or building up a sustainable community. It's why we've created this site, in hopes that it will help others.


Tetraminoes is created for the people by the people. It solves issues of information being irrelevant through it's ability to be edited by anybody for free. With it's ability to be constantly updated and created, it goes into the hands of the community to help assemble a comprehensive resource of Tetris knowledge. This project relies on your contributions in order to fulfill the mission and stay sustainable, please consider contributing.

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Authors: Breadlicia