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Getting Started

If you're a new editor you may be a little bit confused as to how contribution works. Don't worry to much thought, we will attempt to explain all the basics in the following lines.

Tetraminoes is built on Docusaurus. The significance of this is that every article is a .MDX (Markdown + Javascript/JSX) file. This makes formatting fairly simple to understand and find on the internet.



Markdown is a simple markup language that is used to format text.

Here's a good resource to get started with markdown:

Video Embed

  1. Make sure this import is at the top of the file:
import YtEmbed from "@site/src/components/util/YtEmbed";
  1. In order to create a video embed use this React component:
<YtEmbed videoId="DATA-YOU-WANT-TO-RENDER"></YtEmbed>

The video id is the part of the url after For example, the video id of is q_zU-YO0Ivg.

Tetraminoes specific


To add Minofont (ex: O_mino J_mino T_mino)

Use the specified format(remove spaces):

  • O - O_ mino
  • J - J_ mino
  • L - L_ mino
  • T - T_ mino
  • S - S_ mino
  • Z - Z_ mino
  • I - I_ mino


  1. Make sure this import is at the top of the file:
import FumenCanvas from "@site/src/components/util/FumenCanvas";
{/*This line imports the fumenCanvas component from the `@site/src/components/util/FumenCanvas` file.*/}
  1. Create a fumen embed using this React component:
<FumenCanvas fumenData="DATA-YOU-WANT-TO-RENDER"/>
{/*A component is a piece of code that the computer uses to display something on the screen. In this case, the component is the fumenCanvas.*/}


Generally we expect you to follow social norms when editing the site. Keep in mind that while anybody can edit articles, that doesn't mean that anybody's edits will actually show up on the site. Breadlicia or RunTheBot has to approve the edit before hand, this means that acting with malicious intent is pointless and just wastes people's time (yours included).

We also strive for a certain level of quality within the site, when making edits try and ensure that you aren't repeating or degrading the information already given or making it more convoluted than it has to be. That being said, keep in mind that everything here is a work in progress, this means that even just laying out the foundation for a potential article is more than enough, don't stress on the details too much.

How to contribute

Once you're ready to edit/write your first article you can pick betewen the two methods below (Github is the recommened option):

On GitHub:

This is the easiest way to contribute. Simply click the "Edit this page" button at the bottom of any article and proceed to do the following steps:


you will not see a preview with fumen embeds or minos

  1. Fork this repository (click the edit this page button)
  2. Make your changes
  3. Submit a pull request

With preview server:

  1. Install Node.js
  2. Clone this repository
  3. Run npm install in the repository directory
  4. Run npm run start to start the development server
  5. Open http://localhost:3000 in your browser

Authors: Breadlicia, RunTheBot